Buying Process & Our Services

We feel the greatest service we can provide you with is knowledge prior to purchasing your property. Since buying a home is one of the single largest investments you will ever make it is crucial you understand  the process behind buying residential real estate and the services we provide.

1. Getting a Pre-Approval

A pre-approval can be obtained through a financial institution or a mortgage broker. Based on your credit rating, income, down payment, and the amount of debt your carrying will determine how much money the banks will lend you. They will require you to fill out a mortgage application allowing them to pull your credit and will also ask for documentation verifying your income and down payment. Sometimes you will be pre-approved for more than what your budget allows, therefore, we determine with you the price range we need to be in for your payments to comfortably fit your budget.Having a pre-approval in place will give you an advantage in the market place when you are ready to write an offer.

2. Finding Homes

Once we have determined a price range, we will than meet and determine what you are looking for, we narrow it down by; the type of property, location, size, # of bedrooms, # of bathrooms, and everything else that is important to you.

3. Viewing Homes

Once the homes are found via our search we make appointments on your behalf to view the homes during times that fit your schedule.

4. Placing an Offer

We will evaluate the home you are interested in purchasing and place an offer based on what we believe the home is worth. From there we present the offer to the listing Realtor® and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal we can.

5. Offer Conditions

When writing the offer we set conditions on all or a few of these; Inspection, Financing, and Review of Condo Docs. Once inspecition on the property passes, finances are clear from the lender, and no sign of issues on condo docs (if purchasing a condo). The conditions are waived and the property is yours in a matter of time.

6. Lawyer

All the documents will be sent to your lawyers office a week or two prior to possession day.  Your lawyer will then contact you to visit him/her to review and sign documents.

7. Key Release / Possession Date

On possession day we will make arrangements to meet, do a walk through of your home, and give you copies of the keys, garage openers and anything you may need to get situated in your new home.